It's a 21st Century Gold Rush Out There.

Gold and several other valuables are now worth more than ever. But in this age of precious metals, the seller should beware. The business is rife with wheeler and dealers, and not all buyers are made equal. Here are some pointers to help you sell gold: — Retail jewelry stores are pleasant spots. However, these retailers are mainly interested in fresh stock. Shortly, the merchants run out of display space, cash…and interest. — Refineries want the melt value of your metal. This means you get melt prices–even for that 1920s Van Cleef & Arpels broach, or your Breitling watch. — Our competition usually don’t have gemologists. The individual evaluating your jewelry might be a low level clerk who’ll just throw your piece on a scale and calculate a significant discount. In contrast, we’ve got time and resources to spare. We’ll do the work to determine whether your jewelry, gold, diamonds, silver, and other valuables might be worth more than the melt value. Afterward, we make you our offer. What’s more is that we improve value by assessing brand, design, and/or historical value. As gemologists, we may even reshape precious gems, removing impurities and comprehending higher prices.

Our business is really all in the family.

Our family has been on 47th street for over 30 years!

➤ We’re so good at paying the most money for jewelry as well as being transparent that you can hold us responsible – and many of our customers do so publicly, with praise on Yelp, Citysearch and Google+.

➤ Most of all, we are eager to educate and advise you. We’ll appraise your items, and then itemize our assessments so that you do not have to wonder. We’ll even listen to your stories about the piece as well!

➤ We love our customers, and we humbly hope you become one. Come see for yourself; make an appointment today.