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Sell Your Patek Philippe Watch

Sell your watch with confidence.



Patek Philippe and Co. was founded in 1851 and popularized the perpetual calendar, split-second hand, chronograph, and minute repeater in watches. This, along with the elegant style, made the company into a global success. They take creativity and craftsmanship very seriously, exceeding expectations to achieve impressive milestones in design and quality. Every collection is genuinely extraordinary, encompassing over 500 years of European watchmaking history.

Patek Philippe Top Collection in History

What are the top collection today?

  1. 1951 Ref 2499
  2. 1936 Pilot Watch
  3. 1925 Grogan

Today, Patek Phillipe has nine collections including a line of watches for women. Their styles range from classic to modern, all incorporating a variety of complications. Some of their bestselling collections are the Patek Nautilus, Patek Aquanaut, and the Patek Calatrava. Buyers of New York is the best place to sell your Cartier watches and if you are looking for a quote, do not hesitate to call us!

How to Sell Patek Philippe Watches


Patek Phillipe watches remain in high demand today. However, before you sell your valuables, you should be aware of the buyer’s policy.

 Buyers of New York pride ourselves on the ability to evaluate and appraise watches from $500 to $125,000. We offer a professional and qualified setting with privacy and security, unlike public jewelry stores where privacy is usually not observed. 

If you are selling by mail, we offer insurance up to $25,000 with tracking by FedEx. Our watch buyers can answer your every question about the selling process immediately, with no hassle and no obligation to sell.

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