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Do you know what gold filled jewelry is? Is filled jewelry the same as solid gold jewelry? What does filled mean? There seem to be a lot of questions about these jewelry items.

Selling Filled Jewelry Tip: Most gold buyers do not buy gold filled, or rolled gold jewelry. But we do! You can sell your gold filled jewelry in NYC to the Buyers of New York

What is gold filled? Gold or silver filled jewelry may appear the same as genuine gold, or silver jewelry, but it has a layer, or two of gold bonded metallurgically with heat and pressure, to a base metal. Generally more precious metal is used with gold filled, than with plated gold, or silver jewelry.

This gold filled pins, charms, and chains may look like pure gold, but they are not. Unfortunately many department stores do not make it clear that the jewelry you are buying is not solid gold or silver!

The FTC has regulations specifying how much gold is supposed to be in gold filled jewelry. Usually, the gold filled material must be 1/10 or 1/20 gold by weight. That is why sometimes you will see a mark like the one below.

Gold Filled Marks

Gold filled may also be known as Rolled Gold, or Rolled Gold Plate. Rolled gold rules may not be as strict as the gold filled regulations.

Many cheaper pins, pendants, bracelets, watch cases, cigarette cases, lighter cases, cufflinks, and chains may not be marked. Many manufacturers either do not mark, or place gold filled marks in fine print. Look for these initials after the karat marks if you can find them:

 Gold Filled = GF

 Rolled Gold = RG

 Rolled Gold Plate = RGP

 Gold Plated = GP

 Gold Plated (heavy) = HGP, HGE, or HGEP

➤  Gold Electroplated = GE

 Gold Electroplated Nickel Silver = EPNS

 14k 1/20 is 1/20 gold filled

 14k 1/10 is 1/10 gold filled


Gold filled could also be called gold overlaid, gold gilding, or gold clad. Mild steel, brass, or copper may be the base metal underneath your gold filled items.

As a consumer buying jewelry, usually you can depend on the reputation of the gold or silver seller. I do not think you will usually be able to buy high quality jewelry from the department stores. If you suspect that something may not be solid gold, or silver ask the vendor. Get a guarantee if possible, or deal with a store with a fair refund policy.

If you have a piece of jewelry that has worn through and is showing a different colored metal underneath, it was either a plated, or gold filled item. Gold filled items can wear through in anywhere from five to thirty years based on how much the item is worn.

Many of the gold filled items will appear to be real, but will be revealed during inspection, or gold testing. Gold filled may fail a magnetic, electronic, or an acid test.

Many gold buyers do not buy gold filled jewelry BUT We buy gold filled items. The payout is a small fraction of the price of genuine gold jewelry, but it is better than discarding the items. If we find a gold filled item while appraising your jewelry, instead of handing it back, we’ll give you money for it. Sell Gold Filled Jewelry in NYC to the best Gold Filled Buyers in Manhattan New York Gold Buyers.

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