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We Buy 14kt Gold Jewelry

Gold is over $1600 per oz

Sell 14 Karat Gold

What is 14kt gold?

14 karats refers to the purity of gold. The term “14 karats”, or “14 carats”, gold originates from ancient times when carob seeds were used as a unit of measurement for gold. The seeds were noted for having a uniform weight and were used on the precision scales that measured the gold. The higher the number of karats, the more gold an item contains. For example:

 24K gold is pure gold.

 18K is 75% gold and contains 18 parts gold and 6 parts alloy.

 14K gold is 58.3% gold and contains 14 parts gold and 10 parts alloy.

 12K gold is 50% gold and contains 12 parts gold and 12 parts alloy.

 10K gold is 41.7% gold and contains 10 parts gold and 14 parts alloy. 10K gold is the minimum karat that can be called “gold” in the United States.


Today’s standards are not too far off from ancient times, we are still using karats. In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has a strict set of standards for the measurement of gold purity. Karat measurements for gold are not the same as those used in diamonds, and silver does not use the karat as a standard of measurement at all. The FTC requires that all items containing gold that is 10 karats or greater be marked with “K” or “Kt”. Karats are always marked with a “K” in the U.S. and never with a “C”.

In Europe, gold is stamped with numbers to indicate the percentage of gold as follows:

 18K gold is marked 750

 14k gold is market 585


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