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Sell Diamonds NYC offers a quick, professional, and transparent service when you sell diamond wedding rings to release funds from your diamond items.

Although not the traditional plain solid wedding band, diamond wedding rings are becoming increasingly popular amongst couples. If you are selling your wedding ring after a divorce or selling a family heirloom, Sell Diamonds offers a professional, efficient, and discreet service enabling you to sell what is sometimes an emotional item.

Our customer service team has extensive experience in the online diamond buying market and will be able to provide you with our credentials and the assurances you need in order to feel comfortable selling your ring online.

About The Rings We Buy:
Diamonds set in wedding bands are manufactured to traditional or bespoke designs with the stones being set in a wide range of metal types and qualities. We buy diamond wedding rings of all types and styles. If you have any doubts or questions, contact us and we will be able to help answer your questions. We buy diamonds across Asia, Europe and the United States and our scale means that will be able to offer you the best possible prices when you sell a diamond wedding ring.

There are three main types of diamond wedding rings we buy...

Matching Wedding Bands:
A ring from a set that match each other. The traditional bands normally have a classical look with diamonds integrated continuously around the band or in ornate patterns. The thinnest bands start at 2mm and can go up to 8mm in width. Your diamonds will most likely be set in Platinum and Gold of 14K and 18K. We find that people sometimes sell their engagement ring and wedding ring at the same time and we will offer an excellent combined price for both.

Bespoke Styles:
We are increasingly purchasing wedding rings both from the gentleman and lady, which have different styles to express their individuality. Giving wedding bands an extra sparkle has become increasingly popular by adding multiple diamonds. Obviously, the more diamonds you have, the more it will be worth in the second hand market. Try and fill in as much detail as possible when telling us about the ring so we can give you the most accurate valuation possible.

We also purchase bridal sets that are designed specifically for the engagement and wedding rings to look and fit perfectly together. The size and shape of the diamond stones are similar in scale. If this is the case, we will be offering similar amounts for each ring.

Sell a Wedding Ring with Sell Diamonds:
We ask you to use our free highly secured and fully insured FedEx overnight service to send us your ring. You could also visit our valuation center near Time Square, New York. Either way, you can have cash in your account quickly and simply.

We purchase all style of Diamond Wedding Rings including:
-Ladies Diamond Set Wedding Rings
-Mens Diamond Set Wedding Rings
-Diamond Set Matching Wedding Rings
-Two Tone Wedding Rings

Best place to sell wedding rings in NYC for Cash on the Spot! Visit or Call Today

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