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Rolex Watch Repairs NYC

The Watch Technicians at Buyers of New York JEWELRY AND WATCH REPAIRS service all makes and models of wrist watches and pocket watches.

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We offer a full range of watch repairs services to get your favorite timepiece up and running while you shop.

Rolex Watch Repair NYC

Buyers of New York has been a leader in Rolex watch repair. Our watchmakers have been specifically trained in Rolex watch repair and restoration. Our on site watch repair center is fully stocked with Rolex replacement parts and Rolex replacement movements. Our watchmakers work on all mechanical Rolex watches, automatic Rolex watches and quartz Rolex watches. If your quartz Rolex needs a battery replacement, our watchmakers will replace the battery in you Rolex with the battery specific to your Rolex. Once the battery in your Rolex has been replaced, our watchmakers will change all gaskets to make sure your Rolex remains water resistant. Our watch repair center has all the latest tools and equipment required to work on your Rolex watch. Some of these include but are not limited to, Greiner Vibrograf ACS 900, Witschi Chronoscope M1, Witschi Proofmaster M and Bergeon No 6928-vr.

You can always send your watch back to the company who manufactured it. For example, Rolex has a great service department that can fix most any problem. You can call them and ask for their service department to get the number to send your watch. While Rolex does have a great reputation for having the world’s best master watchmakers, the turn-around time on servicing one is lengthy, not to mention how much it costs. Instead, bring it into Buyers of New York and get a great price and have it fixed in days – not months.

Before any work is done on your Rolex watch, one of our Rolex master watchmakers will call you with an estimate. There is no obligation to do any job and no charge for any estimate. All Rolex watch repairs are guaranteed for one year. Our clients are so happy with our Rolex watch repair service, that they send us Rolex watch repairs from all over the country. We are open Monday through Saturday and we can satisfy any questions regarding your Rolex to give you peace of mind. Please use the form below if you would like to send your Rolex watch repair to Buyers of New York today. If you happen to be local, please stop into our retail store in New York and drop off your Rolex watch repair.

All full Swiss watch services are accompanied by a full 2 year guarantee.

All basic services are accompanied by a one year guarantee.

All quartz overhauls are accompanied by a three year guarantee and free lifetime batteries.

Our full service watch repair center also offers crystal replacement, dial replacement service, dial refinishing service, case and bracelet refinishing (polishing), crown replacement, hands replacement, pusher replacement, bezel replacement, bezel insert replacement, bracelet replacement, strap replacement and much more. Not listed? Send us an email or call today.

Best Place to Service Rolex Watch NYC

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