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Reasons Why To Sell Your Jewelry

Unused or Broken Jewellery?

What use does broken jewelry have… Can’t think of one. Even if you try and get it fixed, that hurts your pockets in ways you didn’t think it would. So why invest in a broken jewelry when you can sell it and get cash from it instantly? Also, how many jewelry pieces, watches, or handbags do you have that you just don’t use anymore? Its probably all dusted up in the back of your closet. Don’t let them take up space and sell it! The best option for those material goods is to visit us, and sell it. And the best part? You get instant cash for them.


Whether it was a promise ring, engagement ring, or wedding ring, SELL IT. Why have those bad omens in your house to haunt you or to remind you of the bad times. It’s time to let go, and sell it. There is no longer a negative stigma on selling engagement rings or anniversary gifts, so don’t hold back and just sell them all.

Out of Style

Whether its jewelry, watches, or furniture, they are bound to go out of style. In the world that we live in where everythings constantly changing, styles that used to be in 7 years ago are no longer in today. So what to do with them? Sell it! Anything that has gold, silver, or is a watch, handbag, or an antique, they can bring you cash instantly. So next time you think about throwing away something, think again and visit our shop!

Increase in Price for Metals

Over the years, the worth of metals have increased significantly. Over the past 10 years, the price of gold per troy ounce was estimated to be $600 but now it’s almost increased to $2000 (estimated). So if you’re planning to sell anything, now is the time! The price of gold in particular is at its all time high so clean out your closet and come by Buyers of New York to sell now.

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