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How to Properly Take Care of Your Jewelry

This simple and short list will help remind you the easiest way to take proper car of your jewelry.


Whether you’re applying skin care, washing your hands or cleaning the house; don’t forget to remove your rings! If you forget that day, it won’t do any harm. However, if you’re constantly doing activities while wearing your ring you’ll start to see the change! (and it’s not a pretty one)


Get into the habit of taking out all jewelry before you go swimming in a pool or the beach. The chlorine or salt water can really cause damage to your jewelry in the long run.


The change in color of pearls are very common and can cause an unpleasant look. So make sure to wipe them down using a soft cloth after every use.


Letting your silver just sit in your jewelry box is such a waste… Not wearing them actually causes more tarnish and dirt around it. By wearing your silver, the friction actually helps slow down the tarnishing and makes it shinier!

Valuable Jewelry

For valuables, it’s best to get it checked by a professional jewelers in order to ensure that the stones and gems are in good shape. Getting it regularly checked is recommended!

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