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Sell Your Tiffany Jewelry NYC

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Interesting History of Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co. is one of the most well known and prestigious jewelers across the nation and throughout the entire world. The roots of Tiffany & Co. date all the way back to the year 1837, when Charles Lewis Tiffany and Teddy Young sold stationery and high end goods out of a New York City office. It wasn't until the year 1853 that the name "Tiffany & Co." emerged and the company began to specialize in the sale of jewelry. It was around this time that the "blue box" was introduced and over 150 years later, it is still widely in use. Tiffany & Co.'s main store has been at the same location since 1940, on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The name "Tiffany & Co." is synonymous with high quality jewelry and has been worn by many well known celebrities and royalty families for decades, as well as having been featured in many films. The company currently operates over 160 stores worldwide.

One of Tiffany's most famous pieces is the bean pendent. The bean pendant is said to represents the origins of all things, and with its simple and organic aesthetic it has become one of Tiffany & Co.'s top sellers. Designed by Elsa Peretti, one of Tiffany & Co.'s greatest designers. The world-renowned jewelry designer joined Tiffany & Co. in 1974. Her amazingly fresh approach is characterized by the stylization of natural and organic forms such as bones, beans, hearts, apples and teardrops. She has created other popular collections including Diamonds by the Yard, Open Heart, Sevillana, and Teardrop. Elsa Peretti's is best known for her works in sterling silver, which have brought sterling silver back to the forefront of the jewelry world. The bean pendent is only one example of her ingenuity and design expertise.

Tiffany & Co. works exclusively with many jewelry designers. Some examples of these designers are Elsa Peretti, which is commonly known for the bean, open heart, and eternal circle collections, in sterling silver and 18kt gold. Inspired by his love for architecture, Tiffany designer Frank Gehry has designed an ever exciting collection of jewelry made in titanium, sterling silver, and 18kt gold. Paloma Picasso is also among the most well known Tiffany jewelry designers, who created the ever popular "Dove" and "Hammered" collections.

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