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How Jewelry Consignments Work

Do you have jewelry to sell? Then Here is Your Solution...

This is dedicated to enabling you to buy or sell estate jewelry. These are its components:

➤  A gemological laboratory and office for potential sellers of estate jewelry, which is held on consignment. I set the items carefully and provide accurate descriptions of quality and condition (including insurance documentation with the delivered item). Payment is made immediately to owners on sale

➤  A private salon for potential buyers to view jewelry items

➤  Professional consultation for jewelry owners to explore all options for selling

➤  A brokerage option for quick sale to the best buyers in the gemstone, jewelry, and precious metal trades, at low commissions

➤  A resource for answering general questions about estate jewelry, whether buying, selling or just to learn more about it


What is estate jewelry? It’s any jewelry you own — From fine antique and vintage heirlooms to low-end items made last month overseas; from gemstones sold on television to diamonds left over from old relationships, fashionable "bridge" jewelry, and even some costume. It’s any jewelry in the hands of an ultimate consumer.

The process begins with consultation - A discussion of your jewelry, what it is and is not. Is it hot? Is it quality? We consider your feelings as a potential seller. Do you wish to find a private buyer on your own? If so, we discuss how to do that. Do you give your piece sentimental value? Should you sell it at all?

If we do decide on consignment, your item is held in our secure facility for an agreed consignment term, at a set price and commission percentage, payable to the owner as soon as it is sold.

How long does selling your jewelry take?  The typical consignment period is six to twelve months to find a private buyer. But it is highly unpredictable. Some items sell much more rapidly and others very slowly.

For you want an item to be sold immediately, usually makes brokerage sales in less than one week, and frequently in one or two days, to buyers in the gems and jewelry trades. I look for the "last in line," that is, the one in the supply chain closest to the ultimate consumer. I use contacts formed through years in the business, but I take nothing for granted, so I constantly study the estate jewelry market, treating your jewelry individually, to make sure I am giving you the highest price possible.

If an item can't be sold intact, as jewelry, due to damage, style or other factor, we also offer the liquidation alternative with a one-day turn-around, including very competitive prices paid for scrap gold and other precious metals,  by selling direct to refiners.

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