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Article provided by: Peak Seasons

Cinco Tree Stand

Christmas shopping includes more than just buying the tree. You will find essential tools in accessory shops like Peak Seasons. One crucial equipment is the tree stand. This supporting accessory determines the strength of its upright position and longevity of the freshness and sturdiness.

What to look for in a tree stand

  • An easy to use a tree stand. The best stand will have an array of sizes that fit small trees as well as bigger ones. Pick a stand that will not require squeezing and pushing or extra supportiveness.
  • Water availability from the tree stand will keep the tree fresher for longer. Choose a stand that has a reservoir size, which matches the size of the tree.
  • A good tree stand will be strong enough to maintain its upright position as long as the weight of the tree matches the predetermined weight limit.
  • Clamping supportive claw onto the tree should be an easy process. Pick a stand that is easy to manipulate if you plan to use it for other purposes in future
  • The building material of the stand will play a role in durability. Cinco tree stands use polypropylene. The bolts are of durable plastic and are easy to twist.

Testing the reliability of a Cinco tree stand


The first test of a tree stand should be determining if it could keep the tree upright. A stand with a broad base will lower the center of gravity and keep the tree upright. Place the tree in the opening and twist the bolt to foster firmness. The tree should not waver to the sides when you push it.

The longevity of the tree

A sizeable water reservoir will match the size of the tree in question. Unfortunately, you may not be able to test out the resourcefulness of the feature without putting the tree at risk. The alternative is to compare the details of the stand against measurements of the tree.

Peak Seasons provides detailed information on the aspects of the Cinco tree stands in stock. Incline towards the larger sized reservoirs and remember that a tree uses up to a quart of water each day.

Two steady Cinco tree stands available at Peak Seasons

Cinco Advantage Medium

It has pure polypropylene and a steel core within the bolts. The bolts have a rough texture, making it easy for you to adjust the tightness. The water reservoir is low enough to make a stand deep and big enough to accommodate the designated sizes of trees. The stand can support trees with low-hanging branches and maintain firmness. 

Cinco Express Medium

This model is an improved version of a majority of Cinco stands. It has robust plastic that provides heavy-duty services. The water reservoir is easy to refill; hence, your fresh tree will have a longer duration of the display. It is suitable for use with both natural and artificial trees. This tree stand is made in the United States, as all other Cinco stands.


Cinco Tree Stand
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